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We are in full “Back to School” swing here now. My favorite time of year! I’ve always enjoyed school, I was a teacher after all, but also enjoy the predictable schedule, cooler temps, exciting autumn activities, and the food!

This year Sissybird started Kindergarten at a private Christian school about 20 minutes away. She’s gone all day and seems to be adjusting very well now that we’ve settled into a routine.  I am finding the house pretty quiet in the afternoon.

SissyatKindergarten MomwalkingintoKfirstdayofK

Buddybird is continuing this year at Montessori preschool going every morning for 3 hours.  He was thrilled to return and join friends from last year. He’s already making new ones too! It’s also been such a blessing spending time with just him every afternoon!

firstdayConnor2firstdayConnorconnor momconnorselfie


This new schedule is allowing me to make it to Crossfit at least 3 morning a week and add some hot yoga to my routine.  I’ve also created a long list of house “to do’s” that I’ve started working on already now that I have the time! Lots of organizing, de-cluttering, and hopefully a little decorating too.

Since Sissy has to be in school for the whole day, she needs to take her lunch. The school does offer some choices, but quite honestly I’d rather pack her lunch! This way I can be sure I’m providing quality ingredients.  She’s happier this way too!


Here’s some things I did to prepare for this new job of lunch packing:

Created a long list (with her input) of things she likes

Pinned a ton of pictures for inspiration

Purchased 100 days of real food’s ebook on lunch making (not available any longer, but go visit her blog at for lots of great ideas!)

Organized a space in the kitchen to keep all of my tools

Created a meal plan for a typical week

Set a rule for myself that I will pack the lunch for the next day while cooking dinner (rather than in the morning)

kitchencabinet                lunchbox


It’s going great so far!  I’m trying to keep the food as real as possible, while still sending some “packaged” items so she doesn’t feel totally different.  She’s not been bringing much back home, so we are off to a good start!




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  • Love these meal ideas! we use a lot of the same food for when we make Snack Packs — Duders doesn’t need a lunch yet, but when he does he’ll be use to the homemade version. hope the kids are still liking school now that time has passed. can’t wait to read some more!

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