Welcome to our Nest

Hello, I’m Abby “A Mama” to 2 preschoolers & wife to my high school sweetheart, and we live at the end of Mockingbird Lane. I’d┬álike to share our adventures with you as we work on making our Nest as natural as we can!


I’m into food, “Real Food”, to be specific, but things weren’t always that way! It’s been a journey of ups and downs getting myself and those I’m responsible for feeding to clean up our habits. I’ve learned some things and plan to continue learning and trying new things to make our lives as healthy as can be.


Allow me to introduce you to Sissybird, who is 5, and Buddybird is 3.

The picture on the right speaks volumes about their personalities! More on that to come!


And here’s my Love, Mr. mockingbird and me.



My hope is to inspire others, by putting my journey to wellness out there, so you can see how we do it. I’m certainly not perfect, and at this point completely self taught about all things nutrition related. I appreciate your encouraging words as I find my way in the food blog world!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our Nest”

  • You go girl! Cant wait to learn from you. Eric and i have been “talking” about this for some time now. So excited.

  • Great timing. I have recently, and I must say finally, transitioned to a somewhat vegan/vegetarian. Due to all my food allergies I can’t cut out everything and do eat farm bought eggs. I also eat fish but my diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables with some whole grains. Amazed at how much better I feel. Sparked my interest in changing my entire lifestyle to more “organic.” Can’t wait to read more.

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