These are a few of my favorite things…

Happy Friday Friends! I’m feeling lots of love for a few things this week and wanted to share them with you.

I. This amazing Memoir called “It was me all along” by Andie Mitchell. I picked this book up at Target because I was looking for something to have for beach or pool side reading and man I’m glad I did! I originally saw Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food was reading it when she posted about it on IG so I actually started following Andie a few weeks ago. When I finally got my hands on her book I couldn’t put it down!!! It’s all about her amazing journey to find balance with food and exercise. She’s truly a gifted writer and I enjoyed getting to know her through this book. Now she’s working on a cookbook and I know I’ll have to grab that when I see it! Andie blogs at Can you stay for dinner? Check her out!



II. The Cape May Honey Store in Stone Harbor NJ.  Wow! What a cute place filled with delicious local honey and other products made from honey!  Here’s what I gathered between the two trips I’ve made there already.


II. Badger Balm- I’ve been researching and looking for safe but effective sun protection for me and my fair skinned birdies. This stuff is working and smells yummy too. We are also wearing hats, rash guards, and heading into the shade when necessary.



V. Visits from friends and family while I’m at the beach. Last fall we bought a vacation home in Avalon NJ and I’ve basically moved in with the kids for the summer. It’s been great to be able to spend time with everyone who has visited so far and it helps break up the “work” week while Mr. Mockingbird works (to pay for said vacation home 🙂 ). I’ve also joined a new Crossfit gym while I’m here.   I’m home for the weekend to watch my niece’s dance recital and spend time with all my Dads celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday. Hoping to squeeze a trip to Hersheypark in while we are here, then back to sunny days at the beach.

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I’m surely blessed!

Thanks for reading!


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