Typical Day of Food for A Mama

You asked (well a few of you anyway) so here is what a typical day of food looks like for me: Wake up at 6:30 am drink a glass or 2 of water and boil water for tea. I LOVE coffee but had to tough love myself and give it up for awhile as it wasn’t doing me any healthful favors.  While I wait for the water to boil I start my daily devotions and pray. Right now my bible study group is reading a chronological bible and I’m really enjoying it! I put one tablespoon of collagen and a dollop of coconut milk in either chai or ginger tea.


As the kids start to get up I might cook an egg or peal a hard boiled egg. If I have some kind of paleo muffin pre-made in the fridge I might eat that as well. If no muffins are made I’ll go with a banana or Larabar.  This is just enough to fuel me for Crossfit and not too much that I’ll get sick if there’s burpees (the stuggle is real).  I’m looking for a source of carbohydrate (some of my crossfit friends eat oats, but right now they bother my system), a protein, and some kind of fat. My morning is busy so sometimes even getting all this in requires finishing the banana or larabar on the way to school drop offs.

breakfast2          paleobreakfast

After my workout I head home and I’m always hungry! Usually I’ll cook two eggs in coconut oil with leftover veggies from dinner and top it off with half and avocado. Drizzle some quality olive oil on top and sprinkle with salt & pepper.  Sometimes I’ll throw some extra meat or fish into the mix. The possibilities are endless here and I just go with what I have on hand to use up good food from the fridge.

breakfast1               eggs&veggies


More water, sometimes more tea, and my supplements. (note: I work with a Homeopathic Doctor to determine my supplements…I’m not expert here and encourage you to seek professional advice if you are looking to add supplements)



Then I pick up Buddybird from preschool and run a few errands if necessary and head home for lunch.  That’s usually a salad with leftover meat from supper or super clean cold cuts (I like Applegate Farms). I also try to top it with some kind of fermented vegetable like Bubbie’s Saurkraut, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper.

lunchmeatwrap         lunchsalad


After I pick up Sissybird I usually head home to start supper.  We cook most meals at home, but also have learned to use leftovers. Which I used to HATE…but when you spend so much time, money, and effort you kind of learn to get over it.

buffaolchix      fishtaco


Maybe you’re seeing a pattern forming? Meat, Veggie, Fat…Meat, Veggie, Fat…Meat, Veggie, Fat…3 or 4 times each day.

I might have a cup of tea in the evening and if I’m really hungry eat a little something else, like a paleo muffin, a piece of dark chocolate or some jerky but it’s very rare that I do that and I can usually assess and figure out that I didn’t eat enough at dinner, or eat enough starchy carbohydrates (squash, potatoes) throughout the day. This is a huge change from they way I used to be! I used to crave that something sweet every night a few hours after dinner.



I take a few night supplements as well before I head to bed around 10 pm.

Hopefully you can see how I eat on a typical day and learn a trick or two if you are looking to eliminate grains and dairy.  I’m very well nourished and right now this works well for me, my body, my activity level etc.  but I’m always assessing and making changes when necessary!

My intention by sharing is always to encourage you to listen to your body and figure out what makes your body feel at it’s best!

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